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The Ultimate Guide to Battle Los Angeles PC Activation Code

when you create an account, you will see a unique battlelosangelespcactivationcode in your dashboard. if it is invisible at that time, it means that you are not registered in the eos community yet. however, eos has a powerful safety mechanism, the account will be automatically activated if you are registered. for more information, you can refer to the help center on " eosos web ".


  • return optional: the response from the battle.los angeles.pc api server. the response will be an array that contains the following: status flag indicating the api response. possible values: 'ok','success', 'fail', 'reboot' or a subset of them.

  • message the message that the battle.pc returned to the caller.

  • id the battle.pc id (or game_id) returned to the caller.

  • data the data returned.

see if your pet has a battle rank of los angelica. this is a rank that needs to be earned in a specific mode, depending on what you selected, and it is required to activate your battle pet. to check for this, type the following into the chat window: 

/battle pet have get battle rank los angelica /battlepet have have battle rank los angelica have battle rank los angelica battle los angeles how to battle your pet there are three battles that your pet can take part in. the first two are appropriate for level 70 pets, and the third is suitable for level 80 or 100. there are no chance battles to fight against opponents of your level, so you have to be more careful with how you battle. you have to level up your pet to match a specific level before you can use the battle mode.


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