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[S4E5] The Daughter Of Autolycus

Depending on the source, Autolycus was the husband of Mestra (who could change her shape at will and was a daughter of Erysichthon[9][10]), or of Neaera,[6] or of Amphithea.[11] He became the father of Anticlea (who married Laertes of Ithaca and was the mother of Odysseus[12]) and several sons, of whom only Aesimus, father of Sinon was named.[13] Autolycus' other daughter was Polymede, mother of Jason, the famous Argonaut who led a group of men to find the coveted Golden Fleece.[2]

[S4E5] The Daughter of Autolycus

Maternial instincts are in the air when Gabrielle encounters her evil daughter Hope, who has freed Callisto in order to kill Xena's son, Solan and plans on severing the friendship of Xena and Gabrielle forever. 041b061a72


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