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Nanoscope Software 6.13: A User-Friendly and Versatile Software for SPM Data Analysis and Manipulation

A previously submitted and filtered scRNA-seq dataset comprising the ETX and natural embryos was downloaded from the Gene Expression Omnibus repository ( GSE161947 ) 29 . The count matrix was loaded into Seurat version 3 (ref. 55 ), the fraction of counts mapping to mitochondrial genes was computed and the object was then log-normalized to a scale factor of 10,000. The 2,000 most variable genes were computed, the object was scaled and the percentage of mitochondrial counts was regressed out.

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PeakForce QNM: The new PeakForce QNM option provides researchers with the ability to perform quantitatively nanomechanical property mapping using the new PeakForce QNM technique. Investigators can adjust the force-volume bias, the fit bias, the offset bias, the calibration parameters, the contact stiffness, and the maximum penetration depth to fit these quantities to the measured data. Resolved indentations are automatically extracted for all cantilever positions. The PeakForce QNM option uses the new PeakForce QNM software described in the following paper: "Temporal and spatial comparison of indentation stiffness of native and partially mineralized kidney stones using adaptive PeakForce QNM" .

Nanoscope Version 8.1 software: Nanoscope 8.1 software offers a refreshed user interface and brings new functionality to the MultiMode platform. Faster measurement speeds enable users to analyze more samples in less time. In addition, new measurements such as force amplitude and deflection, and annotations such as line profiles and profile fits are now available. Maximum deformation and contact point cannot be set directly by the user in the new Nanoscope 8.1 software. This functionality is now only accessible in Scanasyst or automatic mode. To adjust these measurements, users can make use of the relevant controls within the ScanAsyst or automatic modes.


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