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Accident on Baker Road (Acworth)

On May 24, 2021, Officer E Mistretta was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection on Baker Road.

The accident occurred at 18:43.

Mr. C McElwaney was driving a Toyota Tacoma and Ms. B Jarvis was driving a Chrysler BT Cruiser.

The accident occurred on private property at Captain D’s at 3462 Baker Road.

Ms. Jarvis stated that she was backing out of parking space when Mr. McElwaney drive into the parking lot at high speed and stuck her vehicle.

Mr. McElwaney stated that he was driving at low speed but did not see Ms. Jarvis’ vehicle.

Damage to both vehicles indicated that Mr. McElwaney was not driving at low speed, as debris from both vehicles was strewn in the parking lot.

Moderate damage was caused to both vehicles but no injuries to either driver were reported.

The weather, surface conditions and light conditions were all good.

The accident was reported in Acworth, Cobb County.


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