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On April 2, 2021 Officer C J Thompson was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection of Cobb Parkway and Jim Owens Road.

A Chevrolet Impala driven by Mr. E Rodriguez, a Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by Mr. N Danielski and a Hyundai Tucson driven by Mr. A Alptekin were involved in a collision.

Mr. Rodriguez was turning left from Jim Owens Road onto Cobb Parkway westbound when Mr. Danielski struck his vehicle.

Mr. Danielski stated that he was traveling south on Blue Springs Road and proceeded through the green traffic signal to Jim Owens Road when Mr. Rodriguez turned left in front of him, causing him to be unable to avoid the collision.

Mr. Alptekin was stopped at a red traffic light on Cobb Parkway.

He stated that Mr. Rodriguez turned left in front of Mr. Danielski and as their vehicles collided, Mr. Rodriguez’ vehicle was pushed into the front driver’s side of Mr. Alptekin’s vehicle.

When the office arrived on the scene, Mr. Danielski’s vehicle was overturned on its roof. There was extensive damage to Mr. Rodriguez’ and Mr. Danielski’s vehicles, and functional damage to the driver’s side of Mr. Alptekin’s vehicle.

All drivers declined medical treatment.

Mr. Rodriguez was cited with “Failure to Yield while Turning Left” and “Driving While Unlicensed”.

The accident was reported by the Cobb County Police Department.


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