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Driver Rear Ends Vehicle and Then Drives Off (Sandy Springs)

On May 16, 2021 Officer D R Brigman was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection of 400 Southbound and 285 Eastbound.

The accident occurred at 12:32.

Mr. M Carter was driving a Hyundai Genesis and Mr. J Simon was driving a Jeep Cherokee.

Mr. Simon was traveling southbound on 400 and merged into the exit lane to take exit 4A, when his vehicle was rear-ended by a white Hyundai Genesis.

This vehicle exited the exit lane and continued on the 400 Southbound. Mr. Simon followed this vehicle and was able to take down the tag number.

Mr. Simon was able to give a detailed description of the driver and vehicle.

The officer identified that this vehicle belonged to Mr. Carter but was unable to make contact with him.

It is unknown if Mr. Carter sustained any injury or what damage his vehicle sustained.

Mr. Simon was not injured, and his vehicle sustained slight damage to the rear end.

The weather, surface condition and light conditions were good.

The accident was reported in Sandy Springs, Fulton County.


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