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Failure to Maintain Lane on Left Hand Turn Leads to Accident (Lawrenceville)

Per Lawrenceville Police Reports, Samuel Amoah and Padmini Palli both of Lawrenceville, Georgia, were both involved in an accident on Paper Mill Road at the intersection of E Crogan Street.

According to the report, Amoah and Palli were traveling on Paper Mill Road West attempting to make a left-hand turn onto E Crogan Street. Amoah was in the right-hand lane that is the left/straight lane. Palli was in the left, left turn lane.

Amoah is required to make a long-out turn to avoid vehicles in the left turn lane. The vehicles struck each other in a same direction sideswipe accident.

Amoah claimed that Palli was driving straight like he was going to cross over the lanes to enter the Valero Gas Station. The officer wrote in his report that this account is not consistent with the damage done to both vehicles.

No citations were issued due to the officer having other high priority calls.

Multiple lanes making left hand turns do pose problems. Share with us your issues at these types of intersections.


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