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Hit and Run Accident on Riverside Parkway in Marietta

In the early hours of the morning of March 11, 2021 per Cobb County Police Reports, two vehicles collided on the Riverside Parkway.

Officer M A Carrillo was dispatched to the scene, to find that the driver of the vehicle who apparently caused the accident had already driven away from the scene.

The second driver, Deandre Gilbert, stated that he was in the left turning lane to Hartman Road when the other vehicle collided with his. This driver did not stop, and Mr. Gilbert was unable to provide any further identification of this person. However, he was able to state that the vehicle was a silver sedan. From debris left on the road, Officer Carrillo was able to identify the vehicle that had left the scene as a silver Nissan.

Mr. Gilbert was advised on how an accident report could be obtained.

From the above scenario, it can be surmised that the driver of the fist vehicle did not want to be questioned by the authorities, for reasons unknown.

It was determined that Mr. Gilbert caused no contributing factors to the accident.


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