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Hydroplaning Car Leads to a T-Bone Accident (Cobb)

Per Cobb County Police Reports on August 30, 2022, Curtis Brubaker of Lithia Springs, Georgia, and Charles Aldridge of Powder Springs, Georgia, were involved in an accident at the intersection of Sullivan Road and Hirma Lithia Springs Road.

Brubaker was travelling southbound on Hiram Lithia Springs Road when he saw a car at the intersection but observed that it was easing out into the intersection and was not sure if the vehicle was entering the intersection. Brubaker applied his brakes but began to hydroplane due to the rain and the wet road. He tried to steer out of it but was unsuccessful.

Aldridge told the reporting officer that he was inching forward to get a better view in order to make a decision as to when to make a turn.

Brubaker was found at fault and issued a citation.


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