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Woman Swerves into Middle Lane, Causes Accident, Flees Scene (Cobb)

According to Cobb County Police Reports, Elizabeth McKinnon of Atlanta, Georgia, and Darcy Harris of Mableton, Georgia, were involved in an accident on August 25, 2022.

According to witnesses, McKinnon was in the right-hand lane and maneuvered directly in front of the witness almost colliding to the witness eastbound on Veteran's Memorial Highway. The witness went on to say that McKinnon attempted to pass Harris by moving into the center turn lane on the left side of Harris' vehicle. This led to a collision in the front right of McKinnon's vehicle and the left rear of Harris' vehicle.

MckInnon then left the scene and Harris tried to flag down McKinnon at subsequent stop lights with no success.

Later, Cobb County Police Officer Bradberry contacted McKinnon and she agreed to meet with the officer at a local precinct. McKinnon was unable to provide any information about the accident, but her and the officer were able to locate damage to her vehicle.

McKinnon was found to be passing improperly, which resulted in the collision of her and Harris' vehicle.


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