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NEW TROUBLE AREA: Rabbit Hill Circle and Hurricane Shoals (Dacula)

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

The Dacula area has seen a rise in population in recent years and consequently we have seen a rise in traffic. One of the specific areas that has become congested is the intersection of Rabbit Hill Circle and Hurricane Shoals.

Cars that are looking to turn left onto Hurricane Shoals from Rabbit Hill Circle are finding it increasingly harder to find a gap in traffic to travel to their destination. As a result, traffic tends to back up in the 4-6pm timeframe.

What are the potential solutions for this area?

  1. Adding a traffic light: While this seems obvious, it is not likely to occur. Less than 100 yards away from the right of this intersection is another traffic light for Rabbit Hill Road. Putting back-to-back stop lights does not seem optimal.

  2. Adding a roundabout: This is a new trend for roads in Gwinnett. We have seen just a few roundabouts put in near Hamilton Mill. The jury is still out, so to speak, on whether these are safer than stop lights. However, from observation it does seem that the roundabouts keep traffic moving quicker than stoplights.

  3. Take an Alternate Route: Rabbit Hill Circle is often a cut-through road for drivers on Old Peachtree Road who would like to get to Rabbit HIll Park or for quicker access to 316. Drivers might find that simply going up to the next light on Old Peachtree Road and taking a right (by the Circle K) onto Hurricane Shoals will find it is quicker and probably less stressful.

We hope to attain reports from Gwinnett County in the future to monitor the frequency of accidents at this intersection in the future.


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