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Pickup Truck Fails to Maintain Lane, Hits Fire Hydrant

On March 15, 2021 Officer T M Roper was dispatched to the scene of an accident on Atlanta Highway south of Lake Road.

A Ford DRW pickup truck driven by Mr. Peter Vargas was travelling south on Highway 9 between Majors Fork and Lake Road. A Ford F150 with a trailer driven by Mr. S Vandevelde was driving north on the same road.

Mr. Vargas was negotiating the curve of the road when his vehicle drifted into the northbound lane and sideswiped Mr. Vandevelde’s trailer. Mr. Vargas felt his pickup truck veer to the left and impact with the trailer. Mr. Vargas then veered to the right, left the roadway, and struck a fire hydrant.

The weather, road condition and light were all good.

Mr. Vargas’ vehicle sustained moderate damage and Mr. Vandevelde’s none.

Neither driver sustained any injury.

Mr. Vargas was cited for Failure to maintain lane.

The incident was reported in Forsyth County.


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