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Rear End Accident on Holly Springs Road (Cobb County)

On August 2nd, 2021, Officer M J Walker was dispatched to the scene of an accident on Holly Springs Road north of Holly Point Court.

The accident occurred at 16:20.

Ms. B Wacha was driving a Cadillac SRX and Mr. D Jones was driving a Ford Transit T-25.

Both vehicles were traveling south on Holly Springs Road.

Ms. Wacha stated that she was traveling behind Mr. Jones’ vehicle and turned around in her seat to check on her juvenile child in the rear seat.

When she turned back to face the road, Mr. Jones’ vehicle was stopped in front of her, and she could not stop in time to avoid rear-ending Mr. Jones’ vehicle.

Mr. Jones stated that he had stopped behind a school bus when his vehicle was rear-ended by Ms. Wacha’s vehicle.

Both vehicles sustained moderate damage and were removed by their respective drivers.

Neither Ms. Wacha nor her child sustained any injuries, but Mr. Jones reported shoulder pain and requested medical treatment.

He was treated on scene by Metro Unit 220, but he declined transportation to hospital.

Ms. Wacha was cited in terms of O.C.G.A. 40-6-49 “Following too closely”.

The weather was cloudy, and the surface conditions and light conditions were good.

The accident was reported in Cobb County.


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