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Running Red Light Causes Accident at S. Cobb Street (Cobb County)

Per Cobb County Police Reports Daniel Da Silva of Woodstock, Georgia, and Adrian Colley of Marietta, Georgia, were involved in an accident at the intersection of S. Cobb Street and Pearl Street on June 24, 2023.

Da Silva told the reporting officer that he could not remember if he had a green light as he traveled west bound on South Cobb Street at the intersection of Colley Street.

Colley told the officer that he was turning left onto South Cobb Street and had a green light when Da Silvia passed in front of him. This caused Colley to strike the rear of Da Silvia's car.

There was FUSUS camera footage from the intersection which confirmed Colley's account of the incident. Colley complained of arm pain but did not receive medical attention at the time.


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