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Woman Causes Crash by Ignoring Posted Sign

On February 6, 2021, Kirana Gonzalez and Blake Burgess both of Smyrna, Georgia, were in an accident at the intersection of Cobb Parkway and Cumberland Mall. Per Cobb County Police Reports, Burgess was traveling southbound on Cobb Parkway in front of the mall when another vehicle pulled in front of his vehicle.

Gonzalez told the reporting officer that she was traveling northbound on Cobb Parkway and tried to turn left into the Cumberland Mall parking lot. She stated that she did not see the oncoming the vehicle.

Gonzalez disregarded the posted sign that prohibited a left hand turn at that intersection. The accident report did not cite any tickets being issued. And neither driver was transported to the hospital after the accident. Although the passenger in Burgess’ vehicle did have bleeding from her face.


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