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Woman has Seizure and has Accident at Tara Blvd and North Avenue (Jonesboro)

On June 23, 2021, Officer J Cash was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection of Tara Boulevard and North Avenue.

The accident occurred at 19:02.

Ms. T Bass was driving a BMW X3, and Ms. L Garcia was driving a Toyota Highlander.

Both vehicles were traveling north on Tara Bouevard.

Ms. Bass stated that suffered a seizure while driving behind Ms. Garcia vehicle, which caused her to collide with that vehicle.

An open container of alcohol was noted in the rear seat of Ms. Bass’ vehicle.

She agreed to and was administered an Alco Sensor breathalyzer test, with negative results.

EMS was called to the scene but neither driver sustained any injuries.

Ms. Bass’ vehicle sustained significant damage to the front end and was removed by Tara Wrecker.

Ms. Garcia’s vehicle sustained moderate damage to the rear bumper and was removed by herself.

The weather, surface conditions and light were all good.

The accident was reported in Jonesboro, Clayton County.


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