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Yellow Light on Left Turn Leads to Accident (Cobb)

On August 18, 2022, per Cobb County Police Reports, Jamari Newkum of Mableton, Georgia, and Olivia Ramsey of Lithia Springs, Georgia, were involved in an accident at the intersection of Floyd Road and Veterans Memorial Highway.

Per the report, Ramsey was travelling southbound on Floyd Road in the left turn lane and Newkum was following behind. Newkum stated the light at Veterans Memorial turned yellow and believed that the vehicle was going to go through the light. However, Ramsey did not make the turn and Newkum collided into the rear of the vehicle.

The reporting officer ticketed Newkum for following too closely.

The lesson for all drivers is to pay attention to the car in front of them and not assume that the car in front is making the same decision as you.


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