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Left Hand Turn Across Stopped Traffic Causes Traffic (Cobb)

According to Cobb County Police Reports, Desiree Simon of Villa Rica, Georgia, and Isaan Jackson of Mableton, Georgia, were involved in an accident on October 17, 2022.

Simon told the reporting officer that she was traveling northbound on Discovery Boulevard when she attempted to turn left into a parking lot. She stated that traffic in one of the lanes came to a stop. She was allowed to turn left by one of the cars in the near lane, but then was hit by an oncoming car in the next lane over.

Jackson told the officer that he collided with the vehicle as he was traveling southbound on Discovery Boulevard at the intersection of Mableton Parkway.

This situation occurs often in heavy traffic areas. Being extra cautious when trying to cross traffic that is stopped is necessary. Just because one lane is stopped, that does not mean the next lane is clear as well.

Let us know your experience in these situations!


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