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Accident at Delk Road (Marietta)

On June 7th, 2024, Richardson Desatus and Jammie Blount were involved in an accident on Bentley rd at the intersection with Delk Rd.

Desatus was positioned eastbound in the right turn lane of Delk Rd at the intersection of Delk Rd and Bentley Rd. Blount was positioned northbound in the left turn lane of Bentley Rd at the same intersection. Blount began to turn left on Delk Rd while his signal was green as Desatus was turning right onto Bentley Rd. Desatus failed to maintain his lane during the turn and struck Blount's vehicle due to being under the influence of alcohol while driving. Desatus continued to drive outside of his lane, eventually driving over the street curb and into a parking lot at 2160 Delk Rd.

Both vehicles sustained functional damage. Desatus was deemed at fault and cited with Improper turn and DUI. 


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