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Accident at the East-West Connector (Cobb County)

On August 2nd, 2021, Officer T A Bertolini was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection of East-West Connection and Floyd Road.

The accident occurred at 18:21.

Mr. M Smith was driving a Chevrolet Silverado and Mr. C Taylor was driving a Honda Civic.

Mr. Smith stated that he was traveling in the left turn lane on East-West Connector to turn north into Floyd Road.

He thought he had either a flashing or solid yellow arrow in his favor and did not see Mr. Taylor’s vehicle as he entered the intersection, causing him to collide with the front left side of Mr. Taylor’s vehicle.

Mr. Taylor stated that he was traveling west on East-West Connector and the traffic signal had changed to yellow in his favor as he approached the intersection of East-West Connection and Floyd Road.

Mr. Taylor further stated that as he entered the intersection. Mr. Smith’s vehicle collided with his vehicle.

Mr. Smith’s vehicle sustained moderate damage and Mr. Taylor’s vehicle sustained extensive damage. Mr. Smith removed his own vehicle and Mr. Taylor’s vehicle was removed by Henson’s Wrecker Service.

Neither driver sustained any injury but Ms. E Gutierrez, a passenger in Mr. Taylor’s vehicle, was transported to Cobb Hospital by Puckett #321.

Mr. Smith was cited in terms of O.C.G.A. 40-6-71 “Failure to yield left”.

The weather was cloudy, and the surface conditions and light conditions were good.

The accident was reported in Cobb County.


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