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On May 24, 2021, Officer B Conneely was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection of West Pike Street east of Oak Street.

The accident occurred at 19:55.

Ms. F Martin was driving a Kia Rio and Mr I Padron was driving a Ford Mustang GT.

Both vehicles were traveling in the center lane westbound on West Pike Street in front of the Hacienda Taqueria and Cantina Restaurant located at 252 West Pike Street.

Mr. Padron was traveling behind Ms. Martin.

Both drivers crossed the solid white lane from the center lane to the left lane. Ms. Martin had intended entering the restaurant’s driveway.

Mr. Padron stated that he did not see Ms. Martin’s vehicle until it was too late to avoid a collision.

Mr. Padron’s vehicle struck Ms. Martin’s driver’s side wheel and quarter panel.

Extensive damage was caused to both vehicles, and they were both removed by Lance Wrecker.

Ms. Martin’s passenger, Ms. S Roberts sustained a seatbelt burn on her chest but declined treatment.

Neither driver was cited.

The weather was cloudy and the surface and light conditions were good.

The accident was reported in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County.


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