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Crash on I-20, Dog Lost

According to an Atlanta Police Department Accident Report, Bianca Recharte and Nautica Mosley were involved in an accident on I-20 on November 22, 2020. Per the report, Recharte stated that she was traveling east in her Nissan Frontier with a trailer attached. She was moving from California and had a truck full of household goods and her dog in the backseat.

Mosley told the reporting officer that she entered onto the interstate from I-285 North and noticed a vehicle traveling about 45 mph in the middle of the third and fourth lanes. Mosley stated that she did not know which way the vehicle was going to go, because it did not have turn signals and was straddling two lanes. She attempted to pass the vehicle and when she did the trailer struck the front of her vehicle, which caused her to lose control and hit the wall.

Recharte's truck then began to flip and her household’s goods were ejected from the truck. The trailer was damaged, and her dog was also not located following the accident.

Neither party was ticketed because the officer on the scene was unable to determine fault.


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