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CVS Employee Observes a Hit and Run, Reports Accident

On the afternoon of March 3, 2021 per Forsyth County Police Reports, Ms. Mackenzie Roy, an employee of CVS at 1230 Buford Highway, was sitting in her vehicle during her break. The vehicle was located in the parking lot. A Kia Optima, owned by Mr. Allan Bell, was parked two spaces away from her.

Ms. Roy then witnessed a Touareg Volkswagen being reversed out of a parking space on the opposite side of the parking lot. This vehicle collided with Mr. Bell’s vehicle, which was unoccupied.

Ms. Roy then observed the passenger of the Touareg alighting to inspect the damage to both vehicles. Damage would have been caused to the passenger side of Mr. Bell’s vehicle. The then unidentified passenger returned to the Touareg and he and the female driver left the scene.

Ms Roy described the passenger as a white male, approximately six feet or taller with slim to medium build and estimated to be of about 55-60 years of age.

This person was later identified as Mr. Benjamin Knight (age 79) and the driver as Ms. Connie Knight (age 71).

The motor vehicle crash report was compiled by Officer G W Warren.


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