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Distracted Driving Lead to an Accident on Ernest Barrett Parkway

On March 3, 2021 per Cobb County Police reports two vehicles were involved in a collision at 645 Ernest Barrett Parkway.

Mr. Blake Leiner was looking down at his mobile phone while also looking for the Costco on his left, when his Dodge truck collided with Ms. Taneyha Whately’s G35 Infiniti as she drove out of Costco’s parking lot.

Officer R B Powell of Cobb County Police was dispatched to the scene and determined that Mr. Leiner was at fault.

Mr Leiner stated that he had not seen Ms. Whately as she left the Costco premises. Ms. Whately complained of injuries, but none were visible to the officer.

The officer issued both parties with a case number.

It is clear from this that any distraction, especially using a mobile phone while behind the wheel is not advisable. It takes only a momentary lack of awareness of other vehicles in the vicinity for accidents to occur. If you are unsure of the whereabouts of your destination, determine your route prior to starting your journey. This avoids situations such as the above when a little forethought could have avoided the accident occurring altogether.


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