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Driver Backs into another Car at Exxon Gas Station (Jonesville)

On June 20, 2021, Officer S Justus was dispatched to the scene of an accident at 226 North Main Street.

The accident occurred at 19:09.

Mr. M Winslett was driving a Chrysler Sebring 4S and Mr. W Evans was driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

Mr. Winslett stated that he was backing out of a parking stall at the Exxon Gas Station and began talking with his passenger.

As he was talking, he backed into Mr. Evans’ vehicle.

Mr. Evans stated that as he exited the store at the gas station, he observed Mr. Winslett rear-end his vehicle which was parked in a fuel isle.

Neither driver sustained any injuries.

Both vehicles sustained slight damage and were removed by their respective drivers.

The accident was reported in Jonesboro, Clayton County.


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