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Driver Pulls Out in Front of Oncoming Traffic, Causes Accident, Drives Away (Jonesboro)

Tara Boulevard has consistently been one of the more dangerous roadways we have researched over the years. This week we found a report from the Jonesboro Police Department which states that Courtney Slate of Jonesboro, Georgia, was involved in an accident on January 19, 2023, on Tara Boulevard.

Slate told the reporting officer that she was traveling south in the middle lane just before Highway 54. A vehicle pulled out of the QT at the address 8805 Tara Boulevard to get onto Highway 54. As a result Slate's vehicle was side-swiped by the other vehicle. The other driver left the scene and did not stop.

Slate could only provide the first two digits of the license plate, which was 8I.


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