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On June 7, 2021, Officer D D Evans was dispatched to the scene of an accident at Spring Road SE west of Campbell Road SE.

The accident occurred at 12:17.

Mr. M Simmons was driving a Chevrolet Tahoe C 1500 and Ms. T Collins was driving a Chrysler 200 LX.

Both vehicles were traveling east bound on the inside straight lane on Spring Road towards Campbell Road.

Ms. Collins stopped her vehicle at the intersection of Campbell Road and was rear-ended by Mr. Simmons vehicle.

Mr. Simmons stated that as Ms. Collins was driving too slowly, he overtook her on the right.

He further stated that Ms. Collins attempted to overtake him again and while doing so, threw a metal coffee cup out her window, which struck his vehicle.

Mr. Simmons continued that Ms. Collins overtook him and applied her brakes in an attempt to get him to collide with her vehicle.

Mr. Simmons then pulled into a nearby parking lot.

Ms. Collins began driving erratically before exiting her vehicle and hitting Mr. Simmons’ vehicle with her hands.

Mr. Simmons stated that he then left the scene as he and his son were becoming afraid of Ms. Collins but returned to the scene when contacted by law enforcement.

Mr. Simmons stated that he returned to the scene to pick up the coffee cup that had been thrown at his vehicle.

Ms. Collins stated that Mr. Simmons had been tailgating her and other vehicles along Spring Road while weaving in and out of traffic and cutting off various vehicles.

She further stated that Mr. Simmons had cut her off and almost collided with her vehicle.

Ms. Collins was in front of Mr. Simmons and stopped at the intersection when his vehicle collided with her rear bumper.

When Ms. Collins pulled into a nearby parking lot to obtain Mr. Simmons’ information, he left the scene.

Ms. Collins refrained from mentioning that she had thrown a coffee cup or hit Mr. Simmons’ vehicle.

Neither driver reported any injury and minor damage was caused to both vehicles, which were removed by their respective drivers.

Neither driver was cited.

The weather was cloudy, surface conditions were wet, and light condition was good.

The accident was reported in Smyrna, Cobb County.


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