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On April P, 2021 Officer M E Brooks was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection of New Northside Drive and I-285 westbound.

A Dodge Charger driven by Mr. B Lamb and a Toyota Corolla driven by Mr. K Bolden were involved in an accident at the I-285 offramp to New Northside Drive.

Mr. Lamb had stopped to render assistance to another motorist who had run out of gas, by obtaining gas at a nearby filling station. When he returned to the scene, Mr. Lamb reversed his vehicle to allow other vehicles present to exit the I-285 offramp. Mr. Lamb’s rear emergency lights were activated.

Mr. Bolden stated that he had stopped his vehicle on the offramp when the front of his vehicle was struck by the rear passenger side of Mr. Lamb’s vehicle.

Mr. Lamb’s passenger, Mr. S Sanchez stated that he observed Mr. Bolden’s vehicle stop behind Mr. Lamb’s vehicle via the vehicle’s camera. This was confirmed by footage obtained from the traffic monitoring camera at that location.

Neither driver sustained any injuries and neither driver was cited.

The accident was reported at Sandy Springs, Fulton County.


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