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Hit and Run Accident on Peachtree Parkway

On the evening of March 15, 2021 Officer A F McLean was dispatched to the scene of an accident at 415 Peachtree Parkway, north of Ronald Reagan Boulevard.

An unoccupied Dodge Dakota was parked at 415 Peachtree Parkway. A Chrysler Town and Country minivan driven by Mr. D Diacheysn attempted to park on the driver’s side of the Dodge but misjudged the clearance. He hit this vehicle, owned by Mr. L Hyde, on the driver’s side rear quarter panel behind the rear tire. This caused slight damage to both vehicles.

Mr, Diacheysn drove away from the scene of the accident before Officer McLean arrived.

A witness, Mr. K Sheehan issued a statement, on which the incident diagram was composed along with other evidence.

Mr. Diacheysn was issued with a citation in terms of O.C.G.A 40-6-270: Hit and run; duty of driver to stop at or return to scene of accident.

The accident was reported in Forsyth County.


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