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On April 25, 2021 Officer A.A. Davis was called to the scene of an accident at 254 Parc View Lane, Woodstock.

The driver of a Honda Civic, Mr. D. Lauw and an unidentified male driving a Nissan Altima SR were involved in a collision.

Mr. Lauw stated that as he was driving through the parking lot, the driver of the other vehicle failed to stay in his lane.

Mr. Lauw’s front bumper and driver’s side rear tire were sideswiped.

The unidentified driver told Mr. Lauw that he was going to circle around, but instead fled the scene at high speed.

Mr. Lauw took a picture of the second vehicle’s license plate and the car was determined to belong to a Ms. M. Hart.

Mr. Lauw stated that he did not wish to press charges for the hit and run but needed a report for insurance purposes.

This report was filed by Sandy Springs Police Department.


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