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Hydroplane Car Damages 3 Cars, Lands 1 in the Hospital

Per Cobb County Police Reports, on January 1, 2021, Seth Barker of Carrollton, Georgia, was traveling east on C.H. James Parkway. He lost control of his when his car hydroplaned into oncoming traffic. Barker's car split in half after Angie Vernet of Dallas, Georgia, vehicle hit it.

Vernet stated that she saw Barker's car come across the lanes, but had no where to turn to evade the car. Debris from the accident then ricocheted back into the east bound and hit a vehicle driven by Cecil Holmes of Tallassee, Alabama. Holmes told officers on the scene that Barker sped past him and then hydroplaned into oncoming traffic.

Barker was issued a citation for driving too fast for conditions.


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