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Improper Lane Turn Leads to an Accident on Douglas Blvd (Douglasville)

Per Douglasville Police Reports, on January 3, 2023, Essie Dowdell of Douglasville, Georgia, and Courtney Woods of Tallapoosa, Georgia, were involved in an accident on Douglas Boulevard.

According to the report, Woods was turning right onto Douglas Boulevard from Chapel Hill Road in the furthest right lane. Dowdell was also making a right-hand turn in the second lane from right at the same time.

Woods reported that Dowdell's car merged into her lane before she could react thus causing a collision. The reporting officer made the determination based upon the stories and the damage from both vehicles that Dowdell was at fault for making an improper lane change. Dowdell was ticketed as a result.

The takeaway lesson here is to remain in your lane throughout a turn at an intersection and to check all mirrors before attempting a lane change.


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