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Left Hand Turn at Busbee Parkway Intersection Causes Accident

Per Cobb County Police Reports, Aparna Seth of Roswell, Georgia, and Bron Padgett of Dallas, Georgia, were involved in an accident at the intersection of Chastain Road and George Busbeee Parkway.

Aparna told the reporting officer that she was making a left hand turn when her vehicle spun out from being struck by Padgett's vehicle. She stated that the oncoming vehicle had to have been speeding.

A witness to the accident stated that Padgett's vehicle was traveling through the intersection when Seth's vehicle suddenly turned right in front of him. This aligned with Padgett's account, which said he had a green light and then Seth's vehicle turned directly in front of him.

The officer ticketed Aparna Seth for the accident.

Let hand turns at intersections are dangerous. It is important to approach them with caution and to be a defensive driver.


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