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Marietta Woman a Victim of a Hit-and-Run Accident, but the Offender Offers Her Money Before Driving

Per Cobb County Police reports, on October 27, 2021, Yadora King of Mableton, Georgia, was involved in a hit and run accident in Marietta, Georgia. Per her account, King was driving south bound on Sandtown Road and stopped behind a truck at a roundabout at Sandtown Road and Westside Drive. At that point King says a vehicle hit her from behind pushing her into the roundabout. The second driver then told her to pull into the parking lot ahead.

The offending driver said that he had money to pay King and not to call the police. Soon thereafter, sirens from Cobb Fire could be heard and the driver hopped into his car while yelling back to King that he had money to pay her.

King did not get any information from the driver but was able to snap a photo of the license plate of the vehicle. The officer then said in his report that the plate for the vehicle had been cancelled in April of 2020. The report then speculates that the registered owner likely had sold his vehicle. The report then confirms that the registered owner of the vehicle was not the driver that fled from the scene.

The accident report describes the man who fled from the scene as a Hispanic male in his twenties wearing a red hoodie, camo pants and tan boots. The report also states that the driver of the vehicle who caused the accident could not be cited for following too closely because he fled the scene before he arrived.


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