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New Vehicle in Accident on Windy Hill

On June 21, 2021, Officer M R Umana was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection of South Cobb Drive SE and Windy Hill Road SE.

The accident occurred at 17:33.

Mr. R Harris was driving a Honda Civic and was involved in a collision with a Kia, driver unknown.

Both vehicles were traveling north on South Cobb Drive SE towards the intersection with Windy Hill Road SE.

Mr. Harris stated that he stopped at the red traffic signal but the vehicle behind him did not stop and collided with his rear bumper.

The driver of the second vehicle fled the scene prior to the officer’s arrival.

Mr. Harris provided a description of the vehicle’s make and color, but no details of the license plate or model were obtained.

This vehicle was seen traveling west towards Windy Hill Road SE.

Mr. Harris had purchased his vehicle on 05/28/2021 and had not yet been provided with a licence plate, but proof of purchase of the vehicle was provided.

Mr. Harris’ vehicle sustained minor damage and was removed by him.

He complained of lower back pain but refused medical attention.

The weather was raining, and the surface conditions were wet. The light condition was good.

The accident was reported in Smyrna, Cobb County.


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