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Obstructed Sight Line Causes Accident on a Left-Hand Turn on Bells Ferry Road (COBB)

Per Cobb County Police Reports, Rachel Kudina of Acworth, Georgia, and Yohana Capote of Kennsaw, Georgia, were involved in an accident on October 28, 2021. Kudina stated that she looked both ways and saw no one coming when attempting to make a left hand turn on to Bells Ferry Road. She also noted that traffic in the center turn lane obstructed her view as she began to cross.

Capote was traveling the opposite direction on Bells Ferry Road when Kudina pulled out in front of her. She was unable to stop her car and a collision happened as a result. Kudina was cited by the officer as being at fault in this accident.

This accident should be of note for our readers, because of the obstructed view by the turning driver. Drivers should take defensive measures when they cannot be certain of making a safe driving maneuver. Never assume that there is a car not coming in this instance.

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