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Out of Turn Causes Accident (Douglasville)

Per Douglasville Police Reports, Omoregie Orobor and Judith McCarty-Munai both of Douglasville, Georgia, were involved in an accident on July 24, 2023 at the intersection of Bright Star Road and Veterans Memorial Highway.

According to Mcarty-Munai, she pulled to a stop at the stop sign awaiting her turn to cross the intersection. Orobor was behind her and then attempted to pass her in order to make a right-hand turn at the intersection. At this moment, Orobor's car struck McCarty-Munai's.

Orobor stated that he did not see the car in front of him. The reporting officer to the scene examined the cars and determined that the damage was consistent with McCarty-Munai's account of the accident. Orobor was found to be at fault.


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