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Parking Lot Collision Provides Reminder for Safe Driving

On February 3, 2021 Ashley Preston and Lisa Pease both of Jonesboro, Georgia, were involved in a slight collision in a parking lot next to Tara Boulevard. Preston told the reporting officer that he pulled into an adjacent parking space where he was going to back into a parking spot.

At that point, he tells the officer, that a white colored vehicle can from his right rear and made contact with his tow hitch. Pease related the same sequence to the officer as well.

Video from the collision was captured by store cameras as included in the report. Pease's bumper was taken off in the collision when the tow hitch made contact with her vehicle.

This serves as a great reminder to be aware of all surroundings when traveling through store parking lots. It is best not drive fast and certainly not to be distracted by phones or other devices. Even if you are in the right-a-way, if you see a driver who is making an improper move, you can avoid collision by driving cautiously.


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