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On April 25, 2021 Officer S Z Moore was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection of 400 Northbound and Northridge Road.

A Jeep Cherokee driven by Mr. W O’Neal, and a Nissan Sentra driven by Ms. J. Simmons were involved in a collision.

Mr. O’Neal stated that he was on the entrance ramp to 400 northbound when Ms. Simmon’s accelerated her vehicle to overtake him on the right shoulder, and in doing so, struck his vehicle.

Ms. Simmons stated that she did not leave her lane, but that Mr. O’Neal had ‘road rage’ from Northridge Road and had swerved to strike her vehicle deliberately.

Due to the lack of witnesses and conflicting stories, Officer Moore was unable to determine who was at fault. No citations were issued in this event. Both drivers were given a case number.

EMS services were called, but although Ms. Simmons complained of back pain, she denied EMS care on scene.

Both cars sustained mild damage, but both drivers removed their own vehicles from the scene.

The accident was reported by the Sandy Springs Police Department.


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