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Running a Red Light Lands Two Drivers in the Hospital

According to Atlanta Police Department records, on November 25, 2020, Esther Dalieh and Brittany Kinchen were transported to separate hospitals after a collision at the intersection of Memorial Drive and Wyman Street.

Dalieh later told officers that she was driving westbound on Memorial Driver when Kinchen made an improper left hand turn (eastbound on Memorial to northbound on Wyman) in front of her. Dalieh was unable to stop and both vehicles collided.

Kinchen's account differed. She advised that she had been waiting at a red light on Wyman Street and when the light turned green she continued northbound on Wyman. She also stated that she had just taken the Maynard Terrace exit from I-20 Eastbound. Kinchen said that she saw Dalieh's vehicle approaching and believed that it would stop a the red light, but it continued straight into a collision.

A third party caller corroborated Kinchen's account of the accident and the reporting officer ticketed Dalieh as the at-fault driver.


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