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Running a Red Light on Mount Vernon Highway (Sandy Springs)

On May 16, 2021 Officer D C Meyerhoff was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection of Mount Vernon Highway and Perimeter Center West.

The accident occurred at 00:23.

Ms. C Rodriguez was driving a Honda Civic and Mr. D Traurig was driving a Lexus RX350.

Ms. Rodriguez was traveling west on Perimeter Center West towards Abernathy Road.

Mr. Traurig was traveling north on Mt. Vernon Highway entering the intersection of Perimeter Center West.

Ms. Rodriguez stated that the traffic signal was green in her favor and she had right of way when she entered the intersection.

She saw Mr. Traurig’s vehicle in the intersection but was not able to brake in time to avoid a collision, striking his rear driver’s side bumper and causing Mr. Traurig’s vehicle to overturn.

Mr. Traurig stated that the traffic signal was green in his favor and that Ms. Rodriguez had jumped a red light.

Several witnesses to the accident corroborated Mr. Traurig’s version that Ms. Rodriguez had jumped the red light, causing the accident.

Ms. Rodriguez was cited accordingly.

No serious injuries were reported by either party but Mr. Truarig was checked by EMS as he complained of chest pain.

Both vehicles were towed.

The accident was reported in Sandy Springs, Fulton County.


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