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On April 19, 2021, Officer J A Plakaris was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection of Atlanta Road and South Cobb Drive.

A Jeep Compass Sport driven by Mr. O Juhan and a Chevrolet Traverse driven by Ms. S Pozos Gonzalez were involved in a collision.

Both vehicles were in the right-turn lane in Atlanta Road towards northeast on South Cobb Drive.

Mr. Juhan was behind Ms. Gonzalez and stated that he was waiting for a gap in the traffic. He thought it was safe to go but collided with the rear of Ms. Gonzalez’ vehicle as she had not moved into the gap.

There was moderate damage to Mr. Juhan’s vehicle, which was towed from the scene by Barrows Wrecker. Ms. Gonzalez’ vehicle sustained minor damage and was removed from the scene by herself.

Ms. Gonzalez complained of pain to her neck and back but refused EMS treatment. Mr. Juhan was uninjured.

Mr. Juhan was cited for following too closely and Ms. Gonzalez was cited for driving while unlicensed.

The accident was reported by the Cobb County Police Department.


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