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On April 19, 2021, Officer J L McDonald was dispatched to the scene of an accident at South Cobb Drive southeast, south of Windy Hill Road southeast.

A Honda Odyssey van driven by Ms. M Benet, a GMC Terrain SLE driven by Mr. L Santos-Gumez and a Chevrolet with gooseneck trailer driven by Mr. A Colato were all traveling southbound on South Cobb Drive southeast when an accident occurred at about 17h01.

Ms. Benet and Mr. Gumez were in the far-left lane 1 and Mr. Colata was in lane 2.

Ms. Benet stated that she saw a red Camaro heading towards her without stopping as she was stopped in traffic. She closed her eyes and felt the impact. Mr. Santos was in front of Ms. Benet when her vehicle struck his before merging into the center lane and striking Mr. Colato’s vehicle. The Camaro was not included in the accident report.

Mr Colato stated that he was in the center lane when Ms. Benet’s vehicle collided with his vehicle on the driver’s side as he was passing her.

There was extensive damage to Ms. Benet’s and Mr. Gumez’ vehicles, and moderate damage to Mr. Colato’s vehicle. The first two vehicles were towed by Barrow Wrecker Service.

A witness to the accident, Mr. K Price took a video of the incident which was included in the accident report.

Ms. Benet was cited in terms of O.C.G.A. T40-6-49 “Following too closely”.

The accident was reported in Smyrna Police Department.


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