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Two Out of State Drivers involved in a 3 Car Collision on 316

Per Lawrenceville Police Department, on October 30, 2021, three vehicles were involved in an accident while travelling eastbound on 316. The driver of the first car, Morgan Hendrix of Loganville, Georgia, stopped for traffic, which then led to Tuan Ngueyn of Haltom City, Texas, colliding into the rear end of Hendrix’s car. Soon thereafter, Jimmy Pena of Pope Air Field, North Carolina, then rear ended Ngueyn’s vehicle.

The accident did not happen at an intersection. According to the report it was five miles away from High Hope Road on 316 east bound. And according to the report, only Pena was cited for following too closely. Ngueyn was the only driver to ask for medical attention and was transported to the ER by medical units.


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