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Violation of Hands Free Law Leads to an Accident

On the afternoon of March 03, 2021, Officer J E Palmer was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection of Canton Highway and Crestbrook Drive.

A Toyota Avalon XL driven by Mr. Raymond Chulick and a GMC Terrain SLE driven by Ms. Amanda Cagle were both traveling west on Canton Highway approaching the intersection with Crestbrook Drive.

Ms. Cagle had slowed her vehicle as the traffic was congested and Mr. Chulick rear-ended her when he did not notice this. He admitted to texting on his mobile phone at the time. He was found to be at fault under the clauses Unlawful Use of Wireless Device and Following Too Closely.

Mr. Chulick’s vehicle lost its front bumper and grill in the collision and were removed from the scene by him. Ms. Cagle’s vehicle sustained slight damage to the rear bumper. Both vehicles were removed from the scene by their respective drivers.

Neither driver sustained any injury.

The accident report was filed by Forsyth County, Agency Case Number 2021030457.


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