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On April 10, 2021 Officer R J Wakim was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection od Samples Road and Habersham Gate Drive.

A Honda Civic driven by Ms. C Dinan was traveling southbound on Samples Road towards Buford Highway. The surface condition was wet and Ms. Dinan’s vehicle left the roadway on the passenger side into a ditch. Ms. Dinan regained control of the vehicle, re-entered the roadway but oversteered. The car left the roadway a second time, hitting an incline. The vehicle overturned, and facing northbound, came to rest off the roadway on the passenger side door.

The driver was found to be traveling too fast for the conditions. The weather was clear, and the light conditions were “dark, not lighted”. The accident occurred at 20:29.

There was extensive damage to the vehicle, but the airbag was not deployed. Ms. Dinan sustained some injury but was not taken for medical treatment.

The vehicle was removed by Hamby’s Towing.

The accident was reported in Forsyth County.


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