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Woman Drives into a Pole, Smells of Alcohol, Tries to Flee

According to Atlanta Police Department records, Mahalyah Milner hit a utility pole in her car on December 3, 2020 at 898 North Avenue NE in Atlanta, Georgia. When the officer arrived onto the scene he observed utility wires wrapped around the tires of the car. Milner stated that a black vehicle swerved in her lane causing her to hit the pole.

Upon investigation, the officer wrote that the woman smelled of alcohol and her clothes were soaked with an unknown beverage. Milner admitted to having a glass of wine after which she was detained by officers.

Milner was put in the back of the squad car at which time she complained that her restraints were too tight. When another officer opened the door, Milner tried to pull away and escape.

Milner was charged with DUI, Striking a fixed object and failure to maintain lane.


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