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Accident Caused by Car Backing out on Simmons Street (Lawrenceville)

On April 26, 2021 Officer B Johnson was dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection of Simmons Street and Simmons Circle.

A Ford F150 Super Cab driven by Mr. W Brown and an Infiniti QX50 driven by Ms. D Sinclair were involved in a collision.

Mr. Brown backed out of his driveway at 452 Simmons Street.

Ms. Sinclair’s vehicle was parked close to Mr. Brown’s driveway exit and his vehicle struck the driver’s rear side of Ms. Sinclair’s vehicle.

Ms. Sinclair was not in the vehicle at the time.

There was slight damage to both vehicles, but no injury was reported.

The weather, surface conditions and light were all good.

The accident was reported in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County.


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