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Accident on Hurt Road (November 12, 2020)

On November 12, 2020, Ruben Gonzalez of Marietta, Georgia, and Donald Rimmey of Smyrna, Georgia, were involved in an accident on Hurt Road.

According to a Cobb County Police Report, Rimmey turned the corner on Hurt Road while Gonzalez was backing out of his driveway. Gonzalez stated he did not see the other vehicle until the last moment and that Rimmey was speeding.

Rimmey stated that he did not think that Gonzalez had their lights on while backing out.

The officer observed a Ring security camera footage, but could not determine the speed of Rimmey's car. Gonzalez was ticketed for failure to yield when entering the roadway.

There was also a report of an assault between the two drivers after the accident.


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