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Mailbox Blues in Acworth

On 03/13/21, Officer E Mistretta was dispatched to 3285 Spring Meadow Drive. He was informed by the resident. Mr. George Craven, that an incident had occurred whereby a vehicle had struck his mailbox and then drove through his yard.

The vehicle was driven by Mr. George Hall. The two gentlemen discussed the incident and Mr. Hall indicated that he would make good on all damages incurred and provided Mr. Craven with his personal information including his name, address, phone number and insurance details. He then left the premises.

Later in the day he returned with the mailbox post and began repairs, but left before the job was completed, for unknown reasons.

Office Mistretta made contact with Mr. Hall who indicated that he would complete the repairs by the end of day (03/13/21), and informed Mr. Craven of the conversation.

On further inspection, Officer Mistretta discovered the original mailbox post which had been broken, as sign stating ‘Hidden Driveway Ahead’ which had been knocked over, and tire tracks in the grass. Also evident was a new mailbox post and a discarded receipt showing the purchase of the post as well as a mailbox, totaling approximately $80.00. The officer also took photographs of these items.

Mr. Craven was furnished with a case card and he informed Officer Mistretta that he had made a claim against Mr. Hall’s insurance.


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